Our Team

Christian Alexander, President/CEO, HS Williams

Christian Alexander


Kay Hayes, Vice President of Operations, HS Williams

Kay Hayes

Vice President of Operations

Jason Gamble, Vice President of Pre-Construction, HS Williams

Jason Gamble

Vice President of Pre-Construction

Jason Porter, Vice President of Construction, HS Williams

Jason Porter

Vice President of Construction

Carrie Alexander, Payroll Administrator, HS Williams

Carrie Alexander

Payroll Administrator

Krista Wyatt-Gollehon, Office Administrator, HS Williams

Krista Wyatt-Gollehon

Office Administrator

Alan Bayse, Sales Engineer, HS Williams

Alan Bayse

Sales Engineer

Jeff Ryans, Sales Engineer, HS Williams

Jeff Ryans

Sales Engineer

Jim Dimitroff, Sales Engineer, HS Williams

Jim Dimitroff

Sales Engineer

Tony Branson, Project Manager, HS Williams

Tony Branson

Project Manager

Ben Smith, Project Manager, HS Williams

Ben Smith

Project Manager 

Butch Heath, Project Coordinator, HS Williams

Butch Heath

Project Coordinator

Terrance Jones, Project Superintendent, HS Williams

Terrance Jones

Project Superintendent

Phil Pfeffer, Prog, HS Williams

Phil Pfeffer

Project Superintendent

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