• With design-build construction, a project owner entrusts responsibility for all aspects of design and site development to a single expert: the design-build contractor. 
  • The selected design-build expert then secures and manages all work between architects, engineers, subcontractors, specialty tradesmen, vendors, and material providers. Even permitting can be processed through this single point of contact.
  • It is the design-builder’s best interest and goal to ensure that all parties understand the project, and are the most qualified professionals to tackle it. 
  • Design-build is a turnkey solution for the owner. From logistics to quality control, the design- build contractor handles jobs that the owner doesn’t have time for – without the added cost and complexity of multiple firms or consultants.

What Are The Benefits of Design-Build Construction?

  • With streamlined communication through a single point of contact, jobs are completed more efficiently and with fewer changes – keeping projects on time and under budget!
  • The project owner has just one contract with the design-builder, meaning resources are not wasted on vetting and coordinating agreements with separate contractors, designers, and sub-consultants.  
  • Design-build is transparent. Through effective communication with the design-build contractor, expectations are clearly defined early in the relationship, cultivating a purposeful partnership with no surprises.   
  • Unlike bid projects (where lowball contractors can endanger the final project and timeline) design-build values quality and efficiency.  Design-build projects are negotiated through the design-build contractor’s trusted network of vendors and subcontractors – not the lowest bidder.

What Projects Best Suit a Design-Build Contract?​

  • Manufacturing, public structures, government facilities.
  • Commercial, industrial, entertainment, distribution, educational.  
  • Ideal if the building’s intended end use must adapt to changes in technology and equipment, or if trends in finishes and aesthetics occur during the project.
  • Price Range: $500K to $50M.
Architects and engineers make changes to construction blueprints.

What Makes HS Williams the Best Design-Builder?

  • Our crews are specialists in their fields of trade — not laborers who shift between daily tasks.
  • We’ve cultivated long-term relationships with subcontractors and suppliers, ensuring your project will never be delayed by a lack of manpower or materials.
  • Since 1962, we’ve completed nearly 6,000 building projects, and our company’s foremen and supervisors have decades of experience.
  • You don’t stay in business for nearly six decades without learning lessons: We find the best trades partners, implement best practices, and are masters of what we do.
A closeup of blueprints and notes being worked on by H.S. Williams Company.

What to Expect with H.S. Williams Co. Construction Management?​

  • A meaningful partnership with our clients, with respect for your needs and wishes.  
  • Thorough execution of the entire design-build process, from pre-construction assessments and contract organization to onsite management and post-construction project handoff.
  • An ability and willingness to tackle any job – from small storage facilities to 1M-square-foot complexes. 
  • A stable, core group of dedicated construction professionals. Each operates under a limited scope to ensure quality and guarantee expertise.
The frame of an industrial, pre-engineerred metal building at a construction site.

Design-Build Construction Projects from H.S. Williams Company

While other construction firms may not know how to handle your needs, we find effective, affordable and innovative solutions. Our track record is unparalleled in specialty construction projects.

Make H.S. Williams Your Design-Build Firm Today!​

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From our headquarters in Southwest Virginia, we handle construction projects across six states: Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, South Carolina and West Virginia. Trust us to be your top design-build firm.

HS Williams is built on experience.

(six decades of it)

Expect exemplary customer service and process transparency

A photo montage depicting six decades of work by H.S. Williams Company.
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