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We specialize in building beautiful, functional spaces using the best quality pre-engineered metal buildings right here in the Roanoke, VA area. From manufacturing to storage, pre-engineered metal buildings have been a trusted construction option for generations.

That’s because steel framing systems can be customized to individual specifications, offering unique flexibility in addressing building needs.

Start customizing your metal building solution today!

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Founded in 1962, H.S. Williams Company specializes in pre-engineered metal buildings for manufacturing and construction needs. Based in the Southeast United States and proudly serving the Roanoke, VA area, we have erected over 150 million-square-feet of metal structures across the globe, delivering clients the greatest options and cost-efficiency for their construction projects.

What is a Pre-Engineered Metal Building?

  • Pre-engineered metal builds (PEMBs) are a complete building system featuring a steel frame that is fabricated off-site.
  • The steel frame and additional building components are shipped to the project location for assembly by authorized builders.
  • Our certified contractors install the metal roofing and insulation system.
  • Exterior and interior walls are erected with various materials, from metal sheeting and brick to solid wood and veneer.

What are the Advantages of Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings for Manufacturing?

  • Versus traditional design and construction, PEMBs are typically a cost-efficient building alternative – and require minimal expense for upkeep.
  • Numerous PEMB design options facilitate commercial and industrial processes: crane systems, clear spans of 60 to 300 feet between columns, clear interior heights between 20 and 90 feet.
  • Pre-engineered metal buildings can be completed much faster than brick and mortar buildings.
  • As new needs and technologies arise, steel frame metal buildings are simple to retrofit.
  • Architectural features, finishes and colors are customizable, offering unique aesthetic options.

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A boom crawler crane sits outside a pre-engineered metal building that expanded Tadano Mantis in Richlands, Virginia.

Where Can You Find the Best Contractor for Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings in the Roanoke, VA area?

“Metal Construction News” previously named H.S. Williams Company the United States’ number one pre-engineered metal building contractor.

There are no day laborers at HS Williams – every member of our steel erection, roofing and sheeting crews are experienced and skilled employees.

For nearly 60 years, H.S. Williams has specialized in the construction of pre-engineered metal buildings, making them experts in this evolving field.

Numerous manufacturers and suppliers have worked with H.S. Williams Company for multiple decades and respect them as a leader in the PEMB industry.

H.S. Williams has the ear of manufacturers and designers — and works closely with them to cut costs for their clients.

An aerial view of the Blue Ridge Knives storage facility, a pre-engineered metal building from H.S. Williams Company.

Make H.S. Williams Your Contractor for Manufacturing and Warehouse Construction in the Roanoka, VA area!

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