Pre-engineered Metal Aircraft Hangars

Tri-City Aviation hangar

At H.S. Williams Company, complete building solutions is our business, but aviation is our passion. Our company has owned and operated multiple types of aircraft and our current owner and CEO is a pilot.

Combine that experience with six decades specializing in pre-engineered metal buildings, and we have an unparalleled understanding of what you need in an aircraft hangar. We know our aviation customers’ desires and standards – and are mindful of their budgets!  

Need to house multiple aircraft or air cargo? Need a hangar for aircraft manufacturing or maintenance? Our metal frame buildings fit all aviation needs. Fill out the form below to get in touch and start your custom plan! 

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Are Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings Right for Your Hangar?

Foley Aviation hangar

Whether aircraft is your business or your luxury, you must keep your investments safe and secure. Our pre-engineered metal hangars are both durable and attractive, and hold advantages over alternative construction methods:

  • Pre-engineered metal buildings can be completed faster than other buildings – and are often less expensive
  • Strong steel frames are fabricated off site, limiting disruption at your property
  • As new needs and technologies arise, steel frame metal buildings are simple to retrofit and maintain
  • Design options facilitate commercial and industrial processes, clear spans of 60 to 300 feet

Let’s discuss the other advantages and build your hangar construction plan!

Why Choose H.S. Williams for Your Hangar Construction?

H.S. Williams hangar
H.S. Williams hangar

For more than 60 years, H.S. Williams has been a leader in the field of pre-engineered metal buildings. Our 153-million square feet of commercial and industrial facilities are universally respected across our industry:

  • Construction Business Review’s “Top Steel Building Company 2022”
  • Multiple Building of the Year and construction excellence awards from the System Builders Association
  • Recognition from Metal Construction News as “the nation’s number one contractor specializing in pre-engineered buildings”
  • We have the ear of hangar designers – and work closely with them to cut costs for our clients

Put our expertise, experience and passion of aviation to work for you. We’re headquartered in Virginia with offices in North Carolina and Tennessee. Fill out the form – we’re anxious to discuss your hangar needs!  

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