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and Warehouse Building Solution

In need of more warehouse or manufacturing space? Consider pre-engineered metal buildings: a proven, cost-efficient option for generations.

Learn if pre-engineered buildings are right for your construction project. Start a conversation today with H.S. Williams Company, a leader in the metal building industry for 60 years. 


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Why Choose
Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings?

  • If you are a processing facility, distribution center or manufacturing plant that relies on durability and little maintenance.
  • If you want a structurally sound building that is more cost-efficient than a facility built the conventional way.
  • If time is critical, and you need your project’s total construction duration cut by at least 50 percent.

What Are the Industrial Advantages
of Pre-Engineered Buildings?

  • Design options catered for commercial and industrial processes: crane systems, clear spans of 60 to 300 feet, clear interior heights between 20 and 90 feet.
  • As new needs and technologies arise, pre-engineered metal buildings are simple to retrofit.
  • Steel building frames are fabricated off-location, limiting disruptions to any in-process operations at the building site.

H.S. Williams Company has erected over 150 million-square-feet of structures. Let’s create your customizable, cost-efficient, complete building system.

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