Sheridan Square

Sheridan Square

46,596 sq. ft.

General Construction

  • Market: Office Space
  • Location: Kingsport, Tennessee
  • Architect: Mark Freeman Associates
  • General Contractor: H.S. Williams Company

Building Specifications

  • 46,596 square feet
  • Four-story structural steel frame overlooking the Meadowview Convention Center and Cattails Golf Course
  • A variety of materials adorn the building: reflective glass, brick, cultured stone, ceramic tile, solid wood timbers
  • 10-month build time

How Was H.S. Williams the Best Construction Company for The Job?

  • A new regional headquarters had to be fast-tracked through design and construction to meet the needs of a gas and coal company.
  • The final build needed to reflect the architecture of the adjacent Meadowview Convention Center.
  • Burrowing from the prairie style of architecture, H.S. Williams combined aesthetically pleasing lines with extensive use of traditional materials such as wood timbers, brick and stone.

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