Tri-City Aviation Hangar

Tri-City Aviation Hangar

10,505 sq. ft.

Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

  • Client: Tri-City Aviation
  • Market: Aviation
  • Location: Tri-Cities Airport (KTRI), Blountville, Tennessee
  • Facility: Corporate Aircraft Hangar
  • Pre-Engineered Metal Building Manufacturer: USA Building Systems

Building Specifications

  • 10,505 square feet
  • Pre-engineered metal building with metal wall panels, fiberglass insulation
  • Translucent wall panels and standing seam roof 
  • Bi-parting sliding hangar doors
  • 6-week build time

How Was H.S. Williams the Best Pre-Engineered Metal Building Company for the Job?

  • Tri-City Aviation promptly needed additional hangar space at Tri-Cities Airport.
  • H.S. Williams quickly delivered a turn-key pre-engineered metal building and hangar door solution for the construction contractor.
  • The hangar’s bi-parting sliding hangar door system allows access during a power failure.
  • Translucent wall panels permit natural light to enter during the day, conserving energy costs.

Hangar Construction Challenges

  • Airport regulations and ongoing activities underscored the need for concise communications between H.S. Williams, the construction contractor and airport officials.  
  • H.S. Williams worked with the FAA and airport authorities to ensure building height restrictions were in compliance and hangar clearances were met for the aircraft.
  • Through vigilant monitoring of traffic in the air and on the ground, on-site construction disruptions were minimized.

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