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Distribution centers are a crucial, complex cog of business infrastructure – and one of the most demanding construction projects. Construction timelines and logistics cannot disrupt your delivery to market while working in step with evolving technologies. 

With more than six decades of design and construction for complex distribution centers and industrial facilities, H.S. Williams Company is your complete building solution. Whether you are building from scratch in the Knoxville, TN area or updating an existing facility, our pre-engineered metal buildings will be tailored to your needs. 

Proudly serving the Knoxville, TN area, we’re ready to customize your distribution center construction project. Call us today at (865) 386-4317 or fill out the form below. 

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The Advantages of Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings for Distribution Center Construction

We have erected over 150 million-square-feet of metal structures across the globe. We’re confident our pre-engineered metal building (PEMB) construction will deliver your Knoxville area distribution center the greatest project benefits:

  • Versus traditional design and construction, PEMBs are typically a cost-efficient building alternative – and require minimal expense for upkeep. 
  • Pre-engineered metal buildings can be completed much faster than brick and mortar buildings.
  • As new needs and technologies arise, steel frame metal buildings are simple to retrofit. 
  • PEMB design options facilitate distribution center processes: crane systems, clear spans of 60 to 300 feet between columns, clear interior heights between 20 and 90 feet. 

Plan Your Distribution Center Construction Project in the Knoxville, TN Area

Ready to discuss pre-engineered metal buildings, the trusted construction option for generations? We’re happy to share options and cost benefits for your distribution center construction project. 

Call us today at (865) 386-4317 or email info@hswilliams.com.

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Distribution Center Construction for Knoxville, TN SEO Page Form
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