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Front aerial view of Lane Enterprises

With millions of dollars approved for an inland port in the Mount Rogers Planning district, the industrial horizon of Southwest Virginia is set to dramatically shift. Whether you are a distribution company or freight contractor, your need for infrastructure has exploded along the Interstate 81 corridor of Abingdon and Bristol, Va.  

That’s where we come in as your construction company partner.  

For more than 60 years, H.S. Williams Company has been an industry leader in pre-engineered metal buildings. Headquartered off I-81 in Marion, Virginia, we’ve constructed more than 150 million square feet of industrial buildings across a host of industries. Our core clientele supports inland ports, including warehouse facilities, distribution centers and manufacturing complexes. 

We’re here to help your business capitalize on the exciting inland port project. Get in touch to learn what we can do for you.

Poised to Support Inland Port Infrastructure Needs

An aerial view of the back of the VFP plant manufacturing expansion

H.S. Williams Company is ready to support the growth of the landmark inland port effort. If you’re a manufacturer needing a presence next to the port or a logistics company requiring warehousing facilities, we have the expertise to bring your construction project to fruition.

  • Timelines: Our pre-engineered metal buildings can be erected much faster than other construction options, enabling operations near the port to commence sooner.

  • Cost-Efficiencies: Our industrial, manufacturing and warehouse building options are more economical than other construction methods – and less work to upkeep

  • Customization: Unique, custom construction options, from loading bays and clear span widths to crane systems and attractive aesthetics

  • Future-Ready: Our pre-engineered metal buildings are easy to retro-fit as new technologies and needs arise 

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Inland Port Infrastructure Construction | Bristol and Abingdon, Virginia

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Proven Industrial Construction Excellence

The Tinmken Company Expansion constructed by H.S. Williams

Regardless of your building construction needs at the proposed inland port between Abingdon and Bristol, Va., we’re here to make it happen on time and under budget. We’re routinely recognized as an industry leader in pre-engineered metal building design and construction.    

  • Previously named the “Nation’s Number One Pre-Engineered Metal Building Contractor” by Metal Construction News
  • Awarded “Top Steel Building Company of 2022” by Construction Business Review
  • Multiple “Building of the Year” awards from the System Builders Association

Furthermore, we specialize in providing infrastructure construction solutions to our partners in the transportation and warehousing industries.     

Start Planning with Your Inland Port Construction Company

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