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Are you planning a professional equestrian facility? How about a unique equine retreat? 

From public horse arenas to private stables, H.S. Williams Company delivers award-winning construction projects on time and budget, and proudly serves the Middleburg, VA area. Start planning your project now.

Based in Virginia, our portfolio includes construction of one of the nation’s leading equine exhibition facilities, the Virginia Horse Center in Lexington, VA.  Stables, service buildings, passageways, 4,000-seat coliseum – a sample of the equine facility construction available from H.S. Williams Company. 

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The Benefits of Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings for Equestrian Facilities

With over six decades as an industry leader in time efficient, cost friendly pre-engineered metal buildings, we’ve erected over 150 million-square-feet of structures across the globe. 

Compared to traditional brick and mortar buildings, our construction methods are typically a cost-efficient alternative – and can be completed faster. Explore how our pre-engineered metal buildings offer project benefits for your equine facility in the Middleburg, VA area:

  • Design that combines modern functionality with historic sensibilities – hipped roof stables, clear-spans of more than 200 feet, working cupolas, symmetrical and asymmetrical standing seams
  • Customizable materials and accents to fit your distinct tastes – vertical barn siding, concrete panels, architectural metal panels, wired and natural lighting, operable windows
  • Frames are fabricated off-site and transported to the build location, minimizing disruptions to any other operations on the property
  • Steel frame metal buildings require minimal expense for upkeep – and are simple to retrofit as new needs arise

Let’s Plan Your Equestrian Building Project in the Middleburg, VA Area

Ready to discuss pre-engineered metal buildings for your equine construction project? Call us today at (276) 783-3185, email info@hswilliams.com or fill out the form below. We’re anxious to speak with you! 

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Equestrian Facilities Construction for Middleburg, VA SEO Page Form
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