Aircraft Hangar Construction | Asheville, North Carolina

Smith Reynolds Corporate Hangars constructed by H.S. Williams

Looking for dependable and efficient aircraft hangar construction in the Asheville, North Carolina, area? From corporate jet facilities to private hangars, H.S. Williams Company collaborates with our partners to create economical, customizable building solutions for their unique aviation needs.  

Since 1962 we’ve been an industry leader in pre-engineered metal buildings across various industries. And considering that our founder was a pilot, our current owner is a pilot and pilots are on our payroll, we have a rare understanding of what a functional hangar demands.

Reach out today to start bringing your hangar vision to reality – we’re excited to discuss your building project.

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Aircraft Hangar Construction | Asheville, North Carolina

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Why Choose H.S. Williams for Your Hangar Construction in the Asheville Area?

Regardless of the size or scope of your aviation pursuits, H.S. Williams Company will customize your construction plan. We’ve erected more than 150 million square feet of metal structures for a host of industries, but take particular pride in providing aviation hangar solutions:

  • Smith Reynolds Airport Corporate Hangars
    • Two 20,064 square feet aircraft hangars
    • 125-feet by 28-feet sliding hangar doors
    • Able to accommodate four business jets or 15 smaller planes
  • Foley Aviation Hangar
    • 6,400 square feet
    • Metal and steel with ridged frame
    • Stacking hangar door for moving the plane during loss of building power 
  • Tri-City Aviation Hangar
    • 10,505 square feet
    • Bi-parting sliding hangar doors
    • Translucent wall panels and standing seam roof  

With headquarters in Southwest Virginia and offices in North Carolina and Tennessee, the greater Asheville area is in the heart of our service area for hangar construction. Let’s start exploring options for your aircraft storage – get in touch today.

The Benefits of Pre-Engineered Metal Hangar Construction

We are always excited to collaborate with our aviation partners to find their unique, custom construction solution. Often, they are surprised to learn the numerous advantages that pre-engineered metal buildings provide when compared to other building techniques: 

  • Quick and Dependable Construction: Our streamlined construction techniques are optimized for efficiency and can take a fraction of the time of alternative building methods. 
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: We take financial worries into account and offer affordable, effective building techniques without sacrificing quality.
  • Minimal Maintenance: Designed to withstand time and weather, our metal hangars are also easily adaptable to evolving technology and aviation requirements.
Smith Reynolds Corporate Hangars constructed by H.S. Williams

Plan Your Asheville, North Carolina, Aviation Hangar Construction

Are you ready to discover the blend of functionality, durability and innovation of metal hangars from H.S. Williams Company? We are excited to develop custom solutions that fit your needs – fill out the form and we’ll be in touch!

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